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SmallGregWe started CTW because getting tires and accessories at a fair price and quality installation done in a timely fashion seemed nearly impossible.You can go to a dealer, pay retail and leave your bike all day and sometimes  for days. Or you can order your tires and parts online then remove your own wheels, hunt all over town trying to find someone that can mount them, drop them off, let some kid that doesn’t know what he is doing mount them all the while scratching and denting your rims. Either way you risk scratched wheels, poor installation, bike damage and a lot of time lost when you could be out riding.

We at CTW are very fussy about our personal bikes and we treat yours the same way. When you use CTW you just call or stop in, we supply the tires, the mounting and balancing while you wait and the same with most accessories. We do the work in your presence and are happy to answer any questions you may have. No loss of time, no damage, fun and friendly atmosphere and a great buy in the process.

We also offer a complete selection of parts and accessories at wholesale prices along with our professional installation. Give us a call, you will be glad you did!!

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