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Cars are an important investment that comes in handy in our daily activities. However, taking care of a car requires a lot of hard work. For maximum service delivery and fewer breakdowns, it is essential to consider the following basic tips. The following are the five major five tips that will show you how to take care of your car.

1. Driving with much care

It is advisable to always drive at a low speed after startup and switch to neutral when you make a stop. This will help reduce wear and tear of the engine Also, negotiating corners slowly helps to preserve your power steering from damage.

2. Cleaning the car regularly

It is advisable to wash the car at least once a weak. This will keep it clean, minimize corrosion and retain its shiny glow. Dirt from mats, dashboard, and seats eventually leads to tearing. Use a soft cloth to clean delicate parts to avoid damage.

3. Park your car under a shade

This is a sure way of how to take care of your car from damage by direct sunlight. It also protects your car from paint corrosion. Look for a car shade if you are to park for long.

4. Check on your tires

Inadequate pressure and Improper tire alignment are one of the cause for fast tire wear. It is crucial to have a wheel alignment check regularly. It will also come in handy in preserving your steering wheel.

5. Change the spark plugs

It is recommended that you change your spark plugs after every 50,000 km driven. This ensures efficient use of fuel. It also promotes engine performance.

6. Check on your car battery

Many manufacturers will claim that there is no need to monitor your battery, this ain’t right. Car requires that you regularly clean the battery and checking for damages. Broken terminals will reduce the power supply to the engine.

7. Regular waxing

Waxing your car is a good example of how to take care of your car’s painting. The paint reduces the rate of oxidation and creates a barrier against damage by pollution and droppings. It also makes your car look clean.

8. Clean the engine

Clean engines are cooler than dirty ones. Clean the engine at least once a year Take care not to tamper with sensitive parts such as the air intake, electrical parts, and distributors.

9. Change the engine oil regularly

For a used car, changing the engine oil regularly is necessary. This will eliminate any dirt and metal particles stuck in the engine. Also, change the filter as it may block from the dirt and fail to effectively filter out the dirt.

10. Carry the required weight

Carrying loads that exceed the manufacturer’s instruction is risk, It causes the tires to wear out faster, strains the power steering and may cause damage to the body of the car.

11. Ensure your car Damages and accidents are inevitable.

A reliable car insurer will help to replace damaged parts with original ones. They should also be reliable.

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