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What about those Cables: Keep your cable free play set to the factory recommendations. That way you will notice when something feels abnormal. If you never adjust it to where it belongs, it just gets gradually looser and looser until one day, it doesn’t work!

Rather than wait until your cable gets sticky or grabby, make it a habit to lube it on a regular basis. It will last a lot longer than you thought possible

The best way to lube you cables are to purchase the special tools and get Cable Lube. Yes there are other ways to do this but for the investment it is much cheaper to buy this than to replace the cables!

What about those Chains: Keep it clean-A clean chain is a happy chain. Dirt and grit act like sandpaper on your chain, grinding away precious steel on both your chain and sprockets with every rotation. Not cleaning your chain often can cost you big bucks over the life of your bike, since a new chain with sprockets will set you back around $150 to $200 each time, and that’s if YOU do the labor! It’s easy to do. Get a rag, then wipe off as much as you can with the rag. Next, brush off the grit and grime using a cleaning brush sprayed with WD-40. Then, wipe again with a clean rag. That’s it. By the way, keep a drip pan under the chain to catch all the mess, or your “significant other” will probably make a stink about the mess. Even worse, you’ll probably screw up your bike and your back when you slip in it!

Keep it lubed-Just having a clean chain is not enough. You must keep it lubed. In the old days, you just took out some 90 weight gear oil and smeared it around, but now it’s easier. Chain lubes are available in aerosol cans, which greatly simplifies the job. You just rotate your chain to an identifiable starting point (there’s usually one link with paint on it, or a master link with a clip on it), spray the inner portion which contacts the sprockets, then rotate the wheel a bit, repeat, etc., until you get back where you started.

Keep it adjusted properly- Even a properly cleaned and lubed chain will stretch over time. You must check it periodically and adjust it to the recommended free play. If you’re going to err, err on the side of being a little too loose. The chain slack is necessary because your bike’s rear wheel is on a swing-arm, which means it’s going to move up and down. Your motor and transmission are solidly connected to the chassis, and do not move. Without sufficient free play in the chain, it could even snap. If you set it too tight, you may not snap it, but you’re sure as hell going to stretch it and wear it out a lot sooner! Of course, WAY too loose is bad also. Once you get over 2″ in free play, your chain is really flapping around. It may cause damage to your chassis components, or even sustain structural damage to itself. You DO NOT want your chain to sustain structural damage while you are riding

How often should I clean and lube my chain?-The many chain manufacturers recommends every 600 miles under normal riding condition. Hey, spray on chain lube ain’t THAT expensive — do it more often. It will definitely extend your chain life.


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